Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pearls and Girls in History

The pearl is my birthstone so I wanted to get a little history on them. When I was just a wee little girl, I didn't like the idea of a pearl as a birthstone. Thought it was boring. I wanted something more glamorous like a diamond or emerald. What was I thinking? There's nothing more classic and stylish than strands of pearls draped elegantly on someone's neck, or a small perfect pearl dangling from the ears. Plus they've been around since forever and never go out of style.

First, some interesting facts:
  • Pearls are the only gem created from a living organism. 
  • It's been reported that Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it to prove her love to Marc Antony. Sounds odd but we've probably all done worse.
  • The ancient Greeks thought pearls would promote marital bliss and that's why brides still wear them to this day. All you need are pearls, girls.

How fabulous does Audrey Hepburn look with these pearls draping down her back? Pretty amazing, right?

Now how about my favorite member of any royal family?

And my not so favorite member of any royal family, her mean mother-in-law Liz? She's hiding her pearls under her jacket but we know they're there.

And of course we can't forget the nice Liz. Her pearls are truly spectacular.

These Mikimoto pearls were given to Marilyn Monroe by then husband, Joe DiMaggio. I'm sure there are pictures of her wearing them but I just love the way they look in the gorgeous box.

Do you have any photos of your favorite gals in their pearls? Please share and I'll post them here.
Happy Birthday to all the June babies out there.

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