Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend and Trying to Work

It's Memorial Day Weekend and too beautiful outside to stay in and bead. but I've got so many jewelry projects on my desk that need to be finished. I've made the mistake of taking my supplies out to my backyard to work there which was fine until the first strong breeze came along and swoosh, pearls, crystals, jumprings, headpins, scattered all over the deck. So I"m stuck inside.

These are some items on my desk that I hope will get me going. Gorgeous chalcedony which I've had for awhile but haven't used. Someone should be wearing these colors now; they're so summery and go with everything. I think I just got an idea.
One of my bead boxes is filled with Chinese crystal that I got at a bead show in NYC. I have so many colors to choose from that sometimes the selection gets a bit overwhelming. But I love looking at the box filled with all of these beauties.
I invested in some new jewelers tools and wow, what a difference they make.. These are by Lindstrom, made in Sweden, and are considered the Cadillac, Mercedes (fill in your own analogy) of tools. These are by far the best purchase I made. Plus I'm told I'll have them for life. Skeptical, but we'll see.The rest of them are from when I just started out beading and are good old workhorses.
Anyway, I'll think of a good compromise that will keep me outside and finish my projects. And my next post will be about my new website that's under construction. Can't wait to share.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Westwood, NJ Craft Fair

I had a great afternoon at the annual Westwood, NJ Craft Fair, where my friend Maria and I got to meet and talk to some great beaders and jewelry designers. We saw some beautiful stuff and everyone showing their crafts were so willing to chat and share. I haven't been to a good show in awhile and this one was pretty special.

There's something about train stations that remind me of the days before air travel when very cosmopolitan passengers boarded at their station with their Louis Vuitton trunks filled with the fashionable clothing of the day. The men were so dapper with their top hats and spats and the little girls were so cute with big bows on their heads and dresses made in beautiful fabrics that buttoned up the back.

Ok, let's get back on track (hee, I made a funny).

This booth was our favorite. The artist and designer Maya makes fabulous jewelry and handbags but she also makes her own displays out of resin and they were amazing. Really great work.

There were so many jewelry booths to browse in with some really unique designs.

Last by certainly not least; Maria tasting something very spicy at the olive and pickle stand. Love that face.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Color Story

My rose bushes are in full bloom and nothing inspires me more than their stunning color. I went to the garden center today and found annuals in vivid oranges, purples and yellows to plant in  my containers. That's one of my favorite annual treats; mixing and matching flowers in various hues and arranging them in funky old pots. So many of these colors remind me of colors I like to use in my jewelry. The bold color of the roses make me think of bronze; the two together would be spectacular. The bright pinks would look great with silver and blue grays. Orange and purple is a wonderful combination any time of year and works well with crystal accents. As I keep my garden going this summer, I hope to come up with color palettes I never thought of before.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which Earrings are Right for You

Here's a great blog post I just found on choosing the right earrings for your face. Bet you didn't know that dangles are best for someone with a round face as they make it appear more elongated. I had no idea. Read all about it right here.