Sunday, May 23, 2010

Westwood, NJ Craft Fair

I had a great afternoon at the annual Westwood, NJ Craft Fair, where my friend Maria and I got to meet and talk to some great beaders and jewelry designers. We saw some beautiful stuff and everyone showing their crafts were so willing to chat and share. I haven't been to a good show in awhile and this one was pretty special.

There's something about train stations that remind me of the days before air travel when very cosmopolitan passengers boarded at their station with their Louis Vuitton trunks filled with the fashionable clothing of the day. The men were so dapper with their top hats and spats and the little girls were so cute with big bows on their heads and dresses made in beautiful fabrics that buttoned up the back.

Ok, let's get back on track (hee, I made a funny).

This booth was our favorite. The artist and designer Maya makes fabulous jewelry and handbags but she also makes her own displays out of resin and they were amazing. Really great work.

There were so many jewelry booths to browse in with some really unique designs.

Last by certainly not least; Maria tasting something very spicy at the olive and pickle stand. Love that face.


Maria said...

Whoa Baby! You're not kidding! That pepper was smokin!!! Where's that firetruck we saw earlier???
I feel better now.
What a fun show. Glad the weather held up. It was a great day, and was grateful for the friendly jewelers and crafters who shared information freely with all who were curious about their wares. And Lee, you had to put that picture in, didn't you!

Turtle Bead said...

lol That was VERY spicy! lol