Sunday, July 18, 2010

Edison, NJ Bead Show

I went to the Innovative Bead Show today with my friend Maria, fellow beadaholic and all around jewelry fanatic, where we spent many, many hours perusing and spending way too much money on some really fantastic beads. Here's some of the day's haul.

Love them all but my heart belongs to the metallic polymer clay right above. They have so many possibilities. I'll keep you posted on how I use them.

But the most fun of the day was meeting Denise who is a fellow Etsy NJ Team member and makes gorgeous silver and gold wire jewelry. She's also great at putting colors together and has excellent taste in all things beady. You really need to see her work. I know you'll enjoy it.


designsbydenise said...

The day was great. The beads were beautiful but my shopping buddies, Lee and Maria, made it so much better. Thanks ladies, I had so much fun.

Maria said...

It really was fun, and filling! I really enjoyed spending the day with the girls! I loved Harold's, but maybe it's a good thing that it's far from home. LOL
The beads I got were great, now I need to get busy.

Rock.Stone.Treasures said...

Good point about Harold's. We'd be looking like beached whales if there was one closer to us. Let's all go to the Whole Bead Show in the city together in the fall.