Thursday, March 11, 2010

Internet Inspiration

In my quest to figure out the perfect social media marketing plan to sell my jewelry, I've come across some super-talented people who are not only great crafters, but savvy marketing experts as well (those with the right and left brains that are actually in sync). Many of them share their success tips and offer up words of wisdom to the rest of us out here.

Bess Callard, a graphic designer from Vienna, Austria has a blog I'm absolutely crazy about. It  has a mellow and peaceful feel and her writing style is sparse yet filled with little gems. Read it here --The English Muffin Blog and be sure to check out the cool little zebra on her page.

Crafting an MBA is written by Megan Auman who is an artist, crafter, athlete, teacher and small business guru. She does a great job reminding her readers that it's one thing to create a great piece of art or a unique new craft, but in the process you also have to think like a CEO. Yup, we've got to have a plan and she's can easily guide us through that. Reading her blog is a must for getting your craft biz off the ground.


Bess Callard said...

thanks for the mention Lee!!

Almost Precious said...

Looks like a very promising read, these 2 blogs that you recommend, I'll have to check them out.
BTW your blog is great, love your header, quite a beautiful piece and the photography of it is divine.
Saw your post on the etsy forums regarding blogs and following. See you're fairly new but what a great start you've got. I'm following you now. :)